Mother's Day Tribute (Spring 2023)

Throughout my life, I had one special quilt, made by my Grandmother before her stroke. It was a made from the traditional Butterfly block. Over time the blocks became part of other projects. The center block here was my favorite, and the inspiration for a Round Robin project in one of my quilt guilds.

While growing up I had never seen any other quilts, and only learned she was a quilter recently, when my cousin passed along what he called "the quilt stuff" he inherited from my Aunt. Here are just a few of the quilts. They arrived in a cardboard box, in a plastic bag. I was shocked - especially because they were in such great condition!

Inspired by my Grandmother's vintage quilts, I love to explore traditional quilt blocks, and add my spin with modern techniques or color placement. This traditional Cups and Saucers block, first published in the Kansas City Star in 1936, reminds me of my Grandmother's dishes, and my Mom's love for Afternoon Tea. And yes - purple was her favorite color!

Thankful for all quilter's who continue to inspire us, and pass along such a wonderful craft.